Weekly Market Overview 20201219

Shih-Min Lee
posted on: 2020-12-19

Major indexes are rallying to an all-time high. Sectors like EV, AI, or everything are moving up this week. It could be because of catalysts like vaccine news, bitcoins, or even regulation changes that are causing this rally.

The image is the top 15 company by performance with over 1 billion market cap this week. A summary of some of them are as follows:

  • Arvinas is trying to conquer cancer and has it some promising data on their study.
  • TG Therapeutics also has good data for multiple sclerosis.
  • FuboTV is bringing sports to your mobile devices.
  • Domo helps you gain business intelligence from your data.
  • FireEye, Qualys or Tenable: they do cybersecurity for you.
  • Digital Turbine is a company that helps you do marketing on Android devices.
  • RedFin, as well as Zillow and Opendoor SPAC (IPOB) are disrupting real estate space.
  • Revolve Group, as well as other e-commerce players are also going up.

Weekly Market Overview 20201219

Everything is overbought at this stage, but it could be an indicator of where the future is heading. We need to conquer cancer. We would continue to stay at home for the next couple of months and you still need to buy stuff.

Also when everyone is working remotely, intuitively, you need more cybersecurity companies to help you safeguard your assets. And this would continue to be true in the long run as more companies are turning into software companies.

Also, the rally in online real estate broker could be fueled by the low rates environment we are in. The real estate market is recovering in many cities, and in some cities they are having a really good time. And until we see a change in the rates policy those companies might continue to enjoy the low rates tailwind and grow super fast.


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ARVN prepare to buy 22.14% since post

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DOMO prepare to buy 9.34% since post

FEYE prepare to buy 14.23% since post

TENB prepare to buy 1.86% since post

DQ prepare to buy 67.28% since post

APPS prepare to buy 16.64% since post

CYBR prepare to buy 11.8% since post

QLYS prepare to buy 1.34% since post

ALXN prepare to buy 1.84% since post

RDFN prepare to buy -1.77% since post

TGTX prepare to buy -8.57% since post

RVLV prepare to buy 17.87% since post

CALX prepare to buy 10.57% since post

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