By: henryph2412  Fundamental Enthusiast
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13 days ago
  • Fundamentally:
  • increasing revenues and incomes over the past 5 years
  • gross margin and net margin outperforms the average of the industry by a fair degree
  • current ratio: 9.8, meaning assets are around ten times the liabilities
  • debt-to-equity: 0.4. *Anything below 1 is ideal
  • cash flow from operations has been positive for the past 5 years despite fluctuation, which seems understandable for the nature of the industry. [Price - 69 ] < [ Low Analyst Target - 75 ] < [Fair Value IMO - 95, with the margin of safety being around 50%]
  • Technically:
  • moving averages still suggest an established uptrend.
  • about to test the 150 daily ema.
  • closest key support level at 64.5

Personally, I believe that as the recovery is underway, stronger momentum can be expected of in consumer cyclical/ residential construction.

Above is just my personal opinion, which is by no means a professional investment advice.

Do your own due diligence & make a choice & owe up to it

All the best. $DHI

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By: ssmlee04  Storyteller :)
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12 days ago

This looks like a hidden gem! The fundamentals looks improving on all fronts. They're hiring in 2020. Their q3 revenue growing 27% is way higher than the past 3-4 historical q3s. All the ratios look like it's a good value play in a low-interest rate environment. Definitely worth paying attention to.

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