[ETFs] Thoughts on Airline.
By: henryph2412Β Β Fundamental Enthusiast
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12 days ago

"The only time to buy is when there is blood on the streets".

To me, airlines have been bleeding badly even before & ever since the global pandemic. After all, the demand for flying is just unquestionable for hoomans. However, the risks for picking a particular airline firm remains excessive to many, which may bring the case for deeper consideration of an ETF, in this case JETS - largely considered the best ETF for such industry.

On the attached image, it can be seen that a bullish signal - roughly like a cup & handle pattern, has been formed, not to mention the rising momentum of prices and increasing favorable volumes.

If investing is about taking a limited risk ( stop-loss as the handle breaks) for a huge upside potential, which of course it is, then this ETF would definitely worth a look.

Above is just my personal opinion, am open to any kinds of feedbacks, do your own research & may the success be with you.

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