Fubo Tv (FUBO) Stock: Down 60% in 2 Weeks. Is it a Buy Now?
By: regainzย ย lazy guy
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11 days ago

Fubo Tv shareholders have been on a wild ride this past month as its seen the stock rise from $26 to an all-time high of $62. This was primarily driven by analyst upgrades, most notably from Needham's Laura Martin giving Fubo a price target of $60. Not only a day later, Lightshed's Rich Greenfield came out with a short report with a price target of $8. Shortly after, a few other downgrades came out sending this stock crashing to below the price when Martin gave it an upgrade.

So is Fubo Tv stock a buy today? After this recent selloff, it looks really attractive. On Tuesday, Jan 5, 2020, Fubo Tv just announced its preliminary results for Q4. It exceeded expectations and the stock saw a drastic bounce of 20% from its lows of $24. Let's discuss what Fubo Tv is all about, its future potential, and what I plan on doing with the stock.


FUBOย ย 17.56% since post
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